Online Training – Road Construction and Maintenance for Mining

21 Maret 2023

Deskripsi Singkat

Dalam kelas ini, akan di elaborasi mengenai mindset pembuatan infrastructure jalan tambang, mulai rencana yang sinkron dengan mine development, cara eksekusi road construction yang excellent dan pola maintenance jalan dengan mempertimbangkan cost benefitnya.

Outline Pembelajaran

1. Introduction ti mine haul roads
2. Concepts for geometrical design
3. Structural design of haul roads
4. Functional design
5. Road Management and Maintenance
6. Equipment performance and costing road construction
7. New technology and haulage equipment development

Outline Materi


1 Introduction to mine haul roads 

1.1 Importance of mine haul roads 

1.2 Characteristics of mine haul roads 

1.3 The provision of mine haul roads 1.4 The quality of mine haul roads

2 Concepts for geometrical design 

2.1 Geometric design and safer haul roads 

2.2 Integrating design methodology with mining plan 

2.3 Geometric design process 

2.4 Vertical alignment issues gradeability and brake performance 

2.5 Horizontal (longitudinal) alignment issues 

2.6 Safety berms 

2.7 Ditches and drainage 

2.8 Intersection design 

3 Structural design of haul roads 

3.1 Background and orientation 

3.2 The CBR structural design method 

3.3 Mechanisticempirical design method 

3.4 General construction notes layerworks 

3.5 Large tracked and platformtype equipment 

4 Functional design 

4.1 Introduction and requirements for functional acceptability 

4.2 Functional characterisation 

4.3 Benchmarking and monitoring functional performance 

4.4 Benchmarking and monitoring rolling resistance 

4.5 General construction notes wearing course 

4.6 Stabilisation and dust palliation 

5 Road management and maintenance 

5.1 Background and orientation 

5.2 Introduction to road management 

5.3 Minimising total costs across a network of roads 

5.4 Realtime road maintenance 

6 Equipment performance and costing road construction 6.1 Introduction to accounting analysis 

6.2 Economic analysis 

6.3 Equipment performance and costing for road construction 

6.4 Earthworks equipment and typical operations 

6.5 Earthworks equipment capital and operational costs 

6.6 Cost comparison of road design options 

7 New technology and haulage equipment developments 7.1 Background and orientation 

7.2 Autonomous haulage 

7.3 Dronebased condition monitoring of haul roads 7.4 Haul road geometrical diagnostics an example 

7.5 Fleet management systems 



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